PayPal Credit/Debit Card Instructions




Click Send.


Enter Email or Mobile Number and Password, and click Log In.



Enter the balance stated in your contract. This would be PayPal Credit/Debit Card, or PayPal Goods and Services. There is a 4% fee. Enter any notes you may want to add, and click Continue.



Double-check your balance and make sure it is accurate. Make sure the first section says "Paying for an Item or Service". If it does not, then click change.

If you haven't added notes already and would like to do so, add them here. You do not need a shipping address. If you would like to change that to no address needed, you can. It will not make a difference what the address is.

Make sure you have the correct payment method. If no click Change and choose the correct one.

Click Send Payment.



Congratulations! You are done.