Frequently Asked Questions - DVC Owners

FAQs - DVC Owners

Yes, we have an online guestbook where people can leave any review they want as long as they have used us and stayed at the resort, Or they are a DVC member that has rented their points through us. That guestbook can be found here.

You can also visit our facebook page and see reviews which will be here.

While we do have a stipulation on our contract that states that if a renter damages the room that they are responsible, we have done several thousand reservations and have never had that come up. Disney knows that there are children in most rooms and things get broken, scratched, and spilled on all the time and they never come after anyone.

You are allowed to rent your points up to 19 times per year. They just don't want people buying thousands of points to rent out as a full-time business. Your contracts will stay in good standing.