Frequently Asked Questions - DVC Renters

FAQs - DVC Renters

We never know what rooms are available until we check with Disney Vacation Club Member Services. We never say "never" until Member Services says so. It is always best to book as early as possible. If you have a room you MUST have, you may want to book as close to 11 months out as possible. Once you get closer to the 6 and 7-month mark, resort options start to thin out. 

Due to Disney Vacation Club rules, 11 months in advance is the earliest we can secure your room.

For the "Reservation Request Form", you can just add how many rooms you need in the additional comments section. If you decide you want to pay the deposit and secure those rooms, we will have you fill out a different form that asks for information that Disney requests which is the "Booking Form". Once you get to that stage, you will have to fill out a "Booking Form" for each room you are securing.

The short answer is no. We charge a flat fee of $20.00 per point. If you decide you want the travel insurance, that would be additional, but only if you decide you want the travel insurance. For more information about our travel insurance policy you can view that here.

Visit our point calculator here. You can choose between point amounts and dollar amounts. As long as you have the correct dates (check-in and check-out), the amounts should be exact.

The short answer is no. However, if you are a DVC-Member then you can always check room availability on your own. It is the same system we use to see what rooms Disney Vacation Club still has available.

There is a two-step process:

1. Fill out the reservation request form here. This will get us basic information on things like How many are in your party? What resorts are your top priority? What view would you like?

From there, we will check room availability through Disney Vacation Club. If your resort is available, GREAT! If not, we will inform you that it is already sold out for your dates and will gladly give you other options that are still showing availability. 

Once you have decided on a resort, room type, and view you will continue to the next step.

2. You will fill out the booking form. We will send you the link to this form once you are ready to book your room and make your deposit. The information this form asks for are things that Disney Vacation Club needs from us in order to secure your reservation.

After you have completed the booking form. We will contact the DVC Member and have them secured your room. They (the DVC Member) will then send us the confirmation number for your reservation, and we will forward it to you.

At this point, you can add the reservation number to my disney experience (if you are going to WDW). As Disneyland does not allow you to add your room reservation to their app. Once you get everything from us showing your room is reserved, you have 7 days to pay your balance in full.

Yes, you will receive a reservation number once your room is secured. Depending on what resort you are staying at you can add this reservation number to my disney experience (app or internet browser). There are circumstances like Disneyland in California who do not offer add your room to the site/app. However, Walt Disney World in Florida does allow you to add the number.

We require a $200.00 deposit before securing your room. If we can not secure your room, the deposit is 100% refunded.

Once, your room is secured and we have sent you the reservation number, we require full payment for the balance of your reservation within 7 calendar days (you will be given the exact due date with your contract, which must be signed and returned to us).