You will receive $15.50 for each point rented. It may take several weeks or possibly months.  If there is a certain date they need to be rented by (possibly you need to bank them), please let us know.   There are many variables involved in how fast points will rent:
  • Expiration of the points.
  • Home Resort (Saratoga Springs gets the least interest outside of 7 months)
  • Time of the year
I have a minimum contract amount of 50 points. You must have at least 50 points that can be rented. These can a combination of points from your previous, current or future allocation.
Points should be listed for rent as soon as possible. Attractive contracts are those that have an 11-month booking advantage at their home resort. People like to plan their vacation 7 to 11 months in advance so if your points expire before that, the demand may be quite a bit lower.
I will also rent existing reservations. It would probably be easier to cancel the reservation and just have me rent the points for you; unless you happen to have a hard to get reservation at a popular time.
The process to assist you with point rentals is very simple.
  • I have a mutually satisfying agreement where you authorize me to act as a broker for the purpose of finding qualified guests.
  •  Once we have an agreement, I will place your points in the queue to be rented.  Normally this doesn't take too long but could change based on interest.
  • I receive electronic requests from guests which include all of the details of their requested stay including room type, resorts, dates, names, addresses etc. I contact Member Services to check availability and work with the guest to find alternate accommodations if the first choices are not available. Once accommodations are confirmed as available, I will call you to see if you are available to make a reservation for the guest. If available, will e-mail the reservation request to you. You then make the reservation and provide me with the confirmation number.
  • 75% of the funds due to you are immediately transferred to you via PayPal (please be aware that Paypal charges a 3% fee to receive money) at the time of the reservation (once I receive the funds from the guest) or sent to you via check if you prefer. If you don't already have a PayPal account, you can open one here.
  • You review the rental agreement and return it to me via email.
  • The balance of funds owing to you is paid on the day after guest check-in. Reservations are NON REFUNDABLE so you get your money regardless. I hold back 25% to ensure that my guests have a room on arrival. You are committed to keeping your dues and mortgages current so as not to harm any reservations.
  • Currently, you are paid $15.50 per point, however, you may opt to reduce the price paid to you for points that are about to expire (within 4 months).